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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter 2011 - Seeing the Future

Winter 2011 - Seeing the Future

Resting is Wizening
You Saw it Here First

My latest article "Acupuncture and Immortality" is just now coming out in "Your Health" magazine in January 2011. Since you are on my mailing list, you saw it here last month. Below is your special sneak peak at February's issue.
The energy of the Water element acts just like water. It must sink to the lowest level and cannot rise. It is the ultimate yin in nature: dense, cold, moist, and mysterious. See last month's article for the associated taste, smell, and emotion. You can contact me if you have any questions.

Acupuncture and Insight
How Your Practitioner Can Predict the Future
Have you ever wished you could see what was happening in your body? An ultrasound gives you a moving picture of structures, but what does it tell you about function? It is not obvious to most people when their heart is struggling for oxygen from blocked blood vessels. In fact, 50% of heart attacks are a complete surprise to everyone, even the person’s primary care doctor.  This is because scans, scopes, and blood tests are not very helpful in predicting morbid events.

After thousands of years of development and practice, there are more clues available to the discerning eye of an acupuncturist. Through the effective use of traditional diagnosis, a practitioner can assess the state of the internal organs and the prognosis for recovery or failure. Just as a good tracker can look at the forest and tell you which animals have come through, when, what shape they are in, and what they have been eating, a good acupuncturist can tell you how much rest you’re getting, what sorts of foods you eat, how your mind behaves, and which emotions give you the most trouble. They also can tell you how healthy your internal organs are and how healthy they will be in the future if nothing else changes (i.e., treatment and lifestyle). This is why an acupuncturist makes recommendations for lifestyle changes. If you had a view of the future, wouldn’t you warn the people around you if they were making trouble for themselves?

Regular visits to an acupuncturist not only will keep your organs and systems in balance, it will give you insight into yourself. Acupuncture awakens a person’s senstivity to how they feel physically and mentally. When you practice listening to your body, get regular treatment, and make the lifestyle changes that promote health, it is amazing how ‘in touch’ you will be. .

Keep Yourself Balanced
Get Treatment

If there is a secret to reading the future, deep listening is most certainly part of the equation. And, as I say every time, keeping your energy in balance makes everything easier. In times of stress and recovery, receiving energy work really comes in handy. When your energy is flowing unobstructed and the organs are in balance, the body and mind can handle routine and release tension much better. With regular treatments, it is far easier to rest and relax without nervous energy. So my advice: stay warm, go with the flow, and take care of yourself. You are welcome to give me a call and schedule one or more winter sessions!
Some ways to enjoy stillness in the wintertime:
1. Sit by the fire and doze.
2. Sit by a window and watch the world outside.
3. Take a nice hot bath.
4. Stay home one day a week and read.
5. Stop when you're tired.
6. Take an afternoon nap.
7. Eat hot food and drink.
8. Cuddle with someone.
9. Put a humidifier in the bedroom.
10. Replace the air filter in your heating system with a finer one.
Winter foods:
Lamb, beef, liver, kidney, shellfish, soups, stews, roots, tubers, sweet potatoes, beets, turnips, parsnips, walnuts, kidney beans, water fowl, water chestnuts, watercress, and small amounts of salt (to name a few).

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