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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Roll into Fall






August 16, 2010
  Fall 2010 - Letting it Roll
Rolling with the Season
Ways to Let it Roll

The energy of the Earth element, which is waning into the energy of Metal this time of year, is circular, rolling along without much effort. Its taste is sweet, it's sound is singing, its emotion is sympathy. At least, that's when it's in balance. When out of balance, this energy gets stuck in unending loops, e.g., obsessive thoughts and worry. It is like a broken record, doing the same thing over and over, without resolution. It feels heavy and gooey. If nothing tastes good except sweets, you know you are overdue for an acupuncture treatment.
In nature, this is the time of year when the crops are almost ready for harvest. Food is abundant. The nuts are falling from the trees, the corn is tall and golden. All of nature's work is done and she is letting it roll on pure momentum.
So let the day go by. Let the plans you laid come to fruition. Let the summer come to a close. Allow the traffic around you to carry you to your destination. Allow the time to carry you through your day. If it's 3pm, do what you do at 3pm, without worrying about it. Let the sun rise and then let it set.
Why Stretching Makes you Cool
Something Everyone Should Know

Keeping yourself limber is a well-known maxim. But few people know how many wonderful reasons there are to stretch the body every day. Here's why stretching builds personal charisma:
Opens the flow of energy through the pathway, which
Gives you a feeling of power, relaxation, and lightness.
It releases stuck energy, which
Makes you feel vibrant from the burst of energy.
It creates a field of positive energy in and around you, which
Makes you feel more easy-going, and
Makes you a nicer person to be with.
Therefore, people and animals feel good around you, which
Makes you more attractive to everyone. --> CHARISMA
Physically, stretching makes the muscles more flexible and stronger. It also lessens pain and inflammation. Beyond that, it lessens the chances for injury and helps heal scar tissue from injuries. To sum up, stretching is amazing.
Keep Yourself Balanced
Get Treatment

As I say every time, keeping your energy in balance makes everything easier. In times of stress and recovery, receiving energy work really comes in handy. When your energy is flowing unobstructed and the organs are in balance, the body and mind can handle routine and release tension much better. With regular treatments, it is far easier to get loose and stay easy, even in the end, even when things wind up. So my advice: stay loose, take it easy, and take care of yourself. You are welcome to give me a call and schedule one or more late summer sessions!
Spirit Point Healing
In This Issue
Rolling with the Season
Why Stretching Makes You Cool
Keep Yourself Balanced
It's all about staying loose when things are sticky! And they are pretty sticky right now, in more ways than one.
Some ways to balance the energy lag that can come with late summer:
1. Go for a short, easy walk in the shade.
2. Stretch your body and think of how the energy is flowing as you do it. 
3. Get a nice, deep massage.
4. Enjoy the fruits of summer, one serving at a sitting.
5. Give yourself 20 minutes to let your mind wander peacefully.
6. Sit outside with a glass of water or tea and appreciate the colors of nature.
7. Eat according to the season.
8. Let your body go limp for a little while.
9. Keep the TV off one evening and just sit with your family, no plan.
10. Let something nice just happen without worrying about it.
Damp-draining foods:
barley, corn, adzuki beans, garlic, mushrooms, mustard greens, chicken, alfalfa, shrimp, scallions, rye, pumpkin seeds, mung beans, lima beans, (most beans and legumes, in fact). Bitter herbs and foods tend to be drying, so they can overdo this or be great, depending on your needs. Call me with any questions.
Dampening foods can make you feel especially sluggish:
sugar, wheat, dairy, alcohol
You can schedule your next session by calling:
or email me:
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